A little bit about us:

We are a Northern Michigan Sports Pub.  We truly epitomize the Meaning of the word, which was introduced by April Bloomfield and coined by Dianna Henry-Simply put, it is a Pub or Tavern that you can drink at, that also serves Great Food.

Old Lats

Howard City- “The Cool City”  located in Northern Michigan, Birthplace of the Coburn Exchange (1873), The Golden Hotel (1903) and Now Latitudes Roadhouse & Steelheads Sports Tavern (2003).

Old with New Lats

Latitudes and Steelheads Sports Tavern which is the quaint sports oriented, old Chicago tavern look, rockin bar!  Split Personalities with Alter Egos!

We are fortunate enough to work with Ingraberg Farms out of Rockford for all of our seasonal produce, Berghorst Farms for all our hand selected and cut beef, Carlson Arbogast Farms, Farm Country Cheese House, who specializes in handcrafted cheeses out of Lakeview, Maple Valley Farms, Local Watts Orchard, and Nyblad Farms.

Not only do we have a unique sense of culinary skills, our food is priced right; our drinks are nice and cold. Just a short drive from Grand Rapids and a shorter drive from Rockford, we are located in a quaint historic century old hotel, here in Howard City.