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It is that time of the year again for Some Great Seasonal Items, Mainly Maryland Softshell Crabs!  Listen, I have had people from all over the country in the Restaurant that have tried them and some very refined Culinary palates that travel the country and I had heard time and time again, how our Softshell Crabs are the Best they have ever had.  So what is my secret??   Just simple Freshness, never frozen, lightly prepared, simple ingredients.  Over the last Ten years of being the Chef and Owner of Latitudes, I have learned that keeping things simple and fresh, utilizing the best ingredients, makes for some fantastic eats.  This time of year I am especially excited with Morel Mushrooms, Sweet Corn, Asparagus, Softshells, and Soon will be the Worlds Best Salmon, from the Copper River.  We hope you can join us this summer, I very excited and energized to give you a great meal in an Historic Atmosphere for a Price you won’t be able to beat in Grand Rapids.

See You Soon!

Max P. Frank Zamarripa

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